Daito Ryu “study group” grows into a dojo (11.12.2012)

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During yesterday`s conversation with shihan Antonino Certa, we were
officially informed that our study group becomes a dojo. Sensei Certa,
our teacher for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu
(Takeda den), on this way rewarded our determination and readiness to
train and nurture the art, same as he himself trained at Tokimune
This happens after the three year membership in his
organization as an associate, respectively the three year test for our
will power and determination. Daito ryu Macedonia – Koryu Dojo, from
this day forward is an equal member with the other dojos in the
organization European Daito Kai.

is interesting, because of his humbleness, today few people know sensei
Certa, although he is one of the greatest masters for traditional
Japanese martial arts in Europe. In 1991, as a master for Aikido, he
leaves for Japan and directly makes for the Hombu dojo in the city
Abashiri, where he becomes a personal student of Tokimune Takeda (36th
soke of Daito ryu). Sensei Certa is the first non-Japanese who was
accepted for a personal student of Tokimune, but also the first and only
non-Japanese who earned the title shihan (master teacher). After the
death of Tokimune Takeda, Antonino Certa keeps training as a personal
student of one of the greatest masters in Abashiri: the shihans Kato,
Sano and Arisawa.
After the suggestion of soshi Kato Shigemitsu,
sensei Certa in 2006 founds the organization European Daito Kai, with
purpose to nurture and transfer the knowledge of Tokimune Takeda to

Sensei Certa devoted all his life to the Japanese
martial arts, and is author of the book: „Daito-ryu Aikibudo, History
and techique“

the end, we thank to sensei Certa for the shown honor, and we are
going to continue with the hard work further on so we can justify his