Daito ryu Aikijujutsu seminar with Igor Dovezenski

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The Organization for teaching Japanese classical martial arts „Taiyou e no Michi“, is beginning the year with seminar for

Daito ryu Aikijujutsu.
This old and noble art, now is considered as one of the most respected martial schools in Japan. In Macedonia, and on the territory of South-Eastern Europe, Daito ryu can be practices only in the dojo of Taiyou e no Michi (Koryu Dojo).
On this seminar all members of our organization can participate, but all interested are welcome, regardless of the style or the art. For the participants from abroad participation is free of charge.
Theme: Aiki Taiso and Ikkajo
Teacher: Igor Dovezenski, shidoin
Date: 4th/5th January, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 – 15.00)
Location: Daito ryu Macedonia – Koryu Dojo
Additional information for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu ——> here