The first Daito ryu seminar in the new year held

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On exceptionally cold weather with temperatures below zero in the dojo, the instructor Dovezenski held the first seminar in the new 2016. Even though the windows, the water in the bottles, and our feet were frozen solid, none of the participants complained even once about the conditions we had during the training.

During the event, Dovezenski taught nine techniques of the second set of Daito ryu Aikijujutsu (Nikkajo), more precisely he taught the kata: Kote Zume, Gyaku Dasuki, Hiji Kijiki, Koha Gaeshi and Shuto Zume from Idori, as well as Gyaku Dasuki, Hiji Otoshi, Kubi Nage and Suso Barai from Tachi Ai.
The next Daito ryu seminar with the instructor Dovezenski will be held on 14th of February.