Seminar with teacher Antonino Certa held

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A three-day Aikijujutsu seminar lead by the only non-Japanese shihan for this art – Antonino Certa from Italy was held in the Hombu Dojo of „Taiyou e no Michi“, which was organized by Daito ryu Macedonia – Koryu Dojo.
Seven members of the Koryu Dojo – the only one in Macedonia and on the Balkans where you can train the classical samurai school Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, took part in the event. 

Before the official start of the event, the teacher Certa transmitted two new kata to his student Dovezenski from the school Takeda-den Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu, and afterwards started teaching the advanced variations of the kata from the first set of Daito ryu (Ikkajo).
On Saturday and Sunday, the shihan taught all of the kata from the section Sankajo, or the ten forms of Idori and the ten forms of Tachi Ai from the third set. 

Sensei Certa impressed with his deep knowledge of the school, especially remarkable were the details that he shared selflessly with the participants, where he explained with great love the performance of each kata by his three 

Japanese teachers. During the breaks, as always, he tried to transfer to his student Dovezenski, as much knowledge as he could from the history of the art, as well as from the development of the organization Daitokai itself.
The scarce free time was used to visit cultural and historical monuments of the city of Skopje, and the visit to the „Laboratory of the Eastern Cultures“ represented a special honor to Sensei Certa, where he participated to the class held by his personal student.
During the farewell formal dinner, the shihan Certa confided to Dovezenski his plans to start writing his second book dedicated to Daito ryu Aikijujutsu soon, but for now we are unable to share more details about the title and the subject of it.
At the end, we would like to thank our teacher for Daito ryu and his sharing of the art to the members of our dojo, and we are awaiting impatiently his next seminar that is already set for the next year.