Intensive May seminar for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu held

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The intensive May seminar was organized this past weekend in the Hombu Dojo of the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“. 

As it’s already known, Daito ryu Macedonia organizes every month one intensive weekend seminar where the instructor Dovezenski teaches his students to the techniques of this old and noble samurai art.
On the last event, the beginners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the kata from the first set (Ikkajo), whereas the advanced members also practiced the techniques from the second set known as Nikajo.
As on every intensive seminar in the main dojo of „Taiyou e no Michi“, Dovezenski shared his knowledge selflessly, whilst explaining the tiniest details about the school. Sure enough, the students had the opportunity to ask questions at all times, that were immediately answered by the instructor.
At the end the next seminar was set to be held at the end of June. We invite you to join our training.