Kenjutsu Under the Stars of Lipac VII

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For the seventh time, the Dojo for classical Japanese martial arts Daito ryu Macedonia – Koryu Dojo, supported by the Organization dedicated to the study of traditional Japanese martial arts – Taiyou e no Michi, organizes the traditional outdoor seminar titled „Kenjutsu Under the Stars of Lipac“.

This event is organized yearly during the first or the second weekend in June, honoring our Daito ryu Aikibudo teacher – shihan Antonino Certa.
During this two day seminar, the members of Daito ryu Macedonia and Taiyou e no Michi practice the techniques of the school Ono ha Itto ryu (Takeda-den). This powerful sword-fighting art in the past was mandatory for all members of the well-known samurai clan Takeda. Because of its simplicity and efficiency, the school was one of the two official kenjutsu arts that were taught by the members of the Japanese shoguns from the clan Tokugawa.
The members of our dojo await this event every year impatiently. During the two-day outdoor training on the top of the mystical mountain Lipac, the students despite their levels have the opportunity to socialize and get better acquainted. 
During the days we will have three training sessions, and the night will be reserved for socializing around the camp fire, accompanied by tasty beans and some beers. 
Date: 11th/12th June, 2016 (departure from Skopje in 07.00)
Location: under the stars of the mountain Lipac
Equipment: a sleeping bag, keiko gi, kyahani or tall socks (against ticks), bokuto (you can take a spare one too), food and water.
For additional information call our phone number 075 564 011.
This seminar is open for all, regardless of their style or art.
If you need equipment, inform us on time.
This event will be carried out regardless of the weather conditions.