Kato Shigemitsu Soshi passed away (20.11.2013)

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After a long and difficult illness, on November 20th, 2013, teacher Kato Shigemitsu passed away. He was one of the oldest students of the departed soke Tokimune Takeda and was creditable that the Hombu Dojo in Abashiri continued working after his death.

In addition, sensei Shigemitsu was a personal teacher of sensei Antonino Certa and thanks to him, to his suggestion and wish, in 2006 the European Daito Kai was created, with purpose to transmit the knowledge of Daito ryu Aikijujutsu in a way as it was always practiced in the clan Aizu / Takeda. 
As a direct successors to his teaching, we want to express condolences to his family, and at the same time to promise that his image and actions will never be forgotten. 
For this grievous event, sensei Certa said: „Now my teacher trains again with his teacher (Tokimune sensei). As long as we train in the same way they did, their deeds will live forever.“