„Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac V“ seminar held

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In honor of our teacher for Daito ryu Aikibudo, shihan Antonino Certa, this weekend on the Mountain Lipac we held the seminar „Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac“, where the members of the Koryu Dojo  learned the techniques of the school Ono ha Itto ryu (Takeda-den).

On the fifth in a row event of this kind, 16 of our members took participation, and the accent was put on several principles and techniques, among them suri age and suri otoshi (kiri otoshi). To recapture the atmosphere better, we will transmit part of the statements of two participants.
Marko Opachikj: „The training was excellent, and yet, on the fifth in a row seminar sensei Dovezenski showed us the three principles of the school. He described them really well, translated them, transmitted them vividly and plainly, he combined them, captured them clearly for us, ‘chewed them’ for us, and all we had to do was train and I think we presented ourselves in our best light.
It was a night to remember. Candlelight dinner, in a warm kitchen, with the most tasty beans, a lot of laughter and happy people. You could feel that all the time in the air.“  
Zoran Todorovski: „This was a training that every one of us wished for. Countless times swords raised, countless cuts, blocks with shinogi, mono-uchi, kisaki, kiai. Training, kuden, training, kuden. Lots of forms, lots of ways and all that until infinity. We slowly unravel the secrets of this kenjustu art, and for a moment we could feel the smell and the taste of koryu. The feeling is like you walk on the path of enlightenment with the purpose to understand the essence of existence.“