The seminar with shihan Antonino Certa held

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The past weekend, in great atmosphere and with much training, the yearly seminar with Shihan Antonino Certa was held. As every year, he transmitted us new techniques and principles that we have to practice until our next meeting.

Although at first we had announced that this year we were going to practice kata from the set of Sankajo, at the last moment Sensei Certa changed his mind and decided to teach us kata from all levels of Daito ryu Aikijujutsu through applications (Oyo Waza) of defense from the technique Gyaku Yokomenuchi.
Regarding Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu (Takeda-den), we were lucky this year to have Sensei transmit the technique Kiri Otoshi, that is considered to be the core of the school. At the same time we repeated the techniques that we had learned so far.
As always, the free time was used for long conversations with Sensei about the history of Daito ryu and the time he trained with his teachers: Sensei Tokimune Takeda, Sensei Kato, Sensei Arisawa, and Sensei Sano. We didn’t leave out the visit to the legendary local grocery store „Kaj Dacko“, where we were hanging out with the locals where our Hombu Dojo resides.
During this event, we should mention that the instructor Igor Dovezenski earned nidan, whereas Marko Opachikj earned a shodan and new title „fukushidoin“.
We have already planned the next seminar for the next year.