Participation at the International seminar for Ono ha Itto ryu in Italy with Soke Sasamori Takemi

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The instructor of Daito ryu Macedonia – Koryu Dojo, Igor Dovezenski, took part in the International seminar for Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu last week, which took place in Italy under the guidance of Soke Sasamori Takemi. This event counted around 40 participants from Germany, Italy, America, Belgium and Ireland.

The seminar was held in the sports hall in the city Gradara, not far from Pesaro. Sasamori Soke was accompanied by his students Asai Sensei and Ishizaki Sensei from Japan, that restlessly corrected the participants’ mistakes and selflessly transmitted their knowledge. Sasamori Soke, who is the 17th heir of Ono ha Itto ryu, after demonstrating each kata explained the most important details that needed to be applied in the technique itself.
Regarding the organization, we must mention the host’s generosity and commitment in every way. Their hospitality was evident in every step, and a special thanks to the organizer of the seminar Roberto Foglietta, as well as his student, Klaudio Cenni.