„Kenjutsu under the Stars of Lipac VI“ seminar held

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The yearly reccuring event that we have in honor of our teacher of Daito ryu Aikibudo, shihan Antonino Certa, gathered again numerous fans of classical Japanese martial arts. The seminar was held in the courtyard of the monastery St. George, same as last year, which is located right under the top of the mystical mountain Lipac.

The participants practiced the basic techniques of Ono ha Itto ryu (Takeda-den) in the course of two days. The traditional Saturday dinner wasn’t left either, where homecooked beans are cooked and served by our member Zoran Todorovski.
On Sunday, after the first morning training, as soon as the participants had cleaned the court and the hospices of the monastery, the veterans of the dojo commited to the top itself „Goliv’r“, where under the hot sun the last training of the seminar was held. Afterwards, with an intense march, we had a short tour around Lipac that indicated the end of this years’ event.
As every year, „Kenjutsu under the Stars of Lipac“ attracted a lof of members of the Koryu Dojo/Taiyou e no Michi, who at the end said that they are impatiently waiting for the next event in 2016.