Intensive September Seminar for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu held

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After a month long summer break, the Hombu Dojo of the Organization “Taiyou e no Michi” opened its door again for the members of Daito ryu Macedonia.
And so, this past weekend was reserved for a two day intensive seminar that the students of the Koryu Dojo hold regularly every third weekend of the month. During the event the participants practiced the kata of the first and second catalog (Ikajo and Nikajo).
As always, during each seminar a special care is given to some of the techniques from the rich curriculum of Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, and so this time most details were explored about Aiki no Kenpo, meaning the blows and blocks who are used for both attack and defense.
The next intensive seminar in the Hombu Dojo of “Taiyou e no Michi” will be held between the 22 and 23 of October, it will also be the last one under the valley of the mountain of Lipac for this year. The next intensive seminars at this place will start again in March 2017.