The October intensive Daito ryu seminar held

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The October intensive Daito ryu seminar gathered again on one place the members of the „Koryu Dojo“ of the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“.

As always, the training was carried on with such an intensity, without holding back physically, nor mentally, and that was a pointer that the material of the set Ikkajo is being learned better.
During the second day, we trained intensively the kata from the second set (Nikkajo), and a great surprise was the fast improvement of our member Darko Nedelkovski, who with his dedication quickly won the sympathies of the older students.
During free time the instructor Dovezenski was sharing with the students stories of the training with Sensei Antonino Certa in Italy, as well as for several events that are connected with this great man and teacher.
After the seminar ended, on the internal Forum on „Taiyou e no Michi“ the instructor Dovezenski wrote the following:
„When it was the hardest for me and when I didn’t have any conditions to train Daito ryu Aikijujutsu. When I didn’t have any financial support or any kind of support from anyone – I DIDN’T GIVE UP! Not only that I NEVER give up, but this was due to one wonderful man called Antonino Certa. My Teacher for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu.
And I succeeded. I created the Koryu Dojo. I rose it from the ashes. A stable and serious group of students was formed, even though it was small, it’s in love with this old and noble martial art.
And that’s not all. For the love and the respect that I have for Sensei Certa, and for my guilty conscience that I don’t do enough for HIM, I got the art of Daito ryu in in the formal teaching program at the University „Cyril and Methodius“. I understood yesterday that students from other faculties want to choose the subject that carries out Daito ryu training.
And you should know Sensei Certa, I will not stop here. Nor me, nor my (yours) students from Macedonia. We will train „your“ art and carry out the tradition of your teacher Tokimune Takeda as long as we live!“